Change the Login Logo URL and Logo Hover Title in WordPress without plugin

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Change the Login Logo, Logo URL and Logo Hover Title in WordPress

How do I change the login logo URL and hover title in WordPress  without using any plugin?

The default login logo URL in WordPress that point to “”  and logo hover title “Powered by WordPress”. It’s batter to change default WordPress logo, Logo hover title and URL to your site Logo, site title and Home page URL.

Here i will show you only how to change the default login page logo URL  that point to and change the title of logo. You can learn How to change WordPress default logo on login, registration page without using any plugin, in one of my previous post.

All you have to do is simply paste the codes below in your theme’s functions.php file:
That’s it  🙂

You don’t need to install any plugin for it .

Changing the logo link from to your site

Changing the alt text on the logo that says “Powered by WordPress” to show your site name


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