Create Angular project with bootstrap sass Using Angular CLI

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Angular project with bootstrap sass Using Angular CLI

For creating an angular project with sass with angular CLI make sure that you have installed Node and Angular CLI.  If you have not installed, you need to first setup Angular ClI on your system. You can read my another post for “How to Install Angular 2 using CLI on Windows Machine?”

Use Bootstrap SASS with Angular CLI:

1. Create a new Angular CLI project with the SASS style option:

2. Install the SASS version of the Bootstrap project with:

This command will install bootstrap sass and save.

3. Configure sass variable file.

For managing and changing variable according to your need and your project need you need to store in src directory.

In the  src/assets/ directory, create a directory and named it   bootstrap-sass with an empty file named:  _variables.scss.

Now In this _variables.scss file, paste the content from:

In the  _variables.scss file, find the line with  $icon-font-path and change the path from node directory.

4. Add  bootstrap sass In  src/styles.sass

Now you can run the project with the  ng serve command.  you can now access bootstrap in your project.



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