CSS hack for iPad only

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CSS hack for iPad only

CSS Media Queries hack for iPads

Many time we need to target browser or device specific CSS to fix some problem.  Here i am showing to target css only for iPad devices.  I’ve posted these media queries to help designers & developers save some time searching.

For  iPhone CSS media queries hack you can view complete list here.

CSS media query target only iOS devices

iPad Media Queries (All generations – including iPad mini)

iPad in portrait & landscape

iPad in landscape

iPad in portrait

iPad 3 & 4 Media Queries

If you’re looking to target only 3rd and 4th generation Retina iPads (or tablets with similar resolution) to add @2x graphics, or other features for the tablet’s Retina display, use the following media queries

Retina iPad in portrait & landscape

Retina iPad in landscape

Retina iPad in portrait

iPad 1 & 2 Media Queries

If you’re looking to supply different graphics or choose different typography for the lower resolution iPad display, the media queries below will work like a charm in your responsive design!

iPad 1 & 2 in portrait & landscape

iPad 1 & 2 in landscape

iPad 1 & 2 in portrait


iPad mini media queries hack

Targeting the new iPad mini with CSS definitely isn’t as difficult as it could have been. Apple thankfully made things easy on developers and gave the iPad mini the same resolution as the iPad 1 and 2.

This means it’s really easy for developers to target all iPads with very little code, but it also means there’s no way to specifically target an iPad mini with pure CSS. In other words, nothing is new, and you might want to make your text a tiny bit bigger.

iPad mini in portrait & landscape

iPad mini in landscape

iPad mini in portrait

iPad mini Resolution


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