How use of ARIA help in HTML?

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Use of ARIA in HTML

Before moving forward, first need to understand, what is ARIA – “Accessible Rich Internet Applications”, as the internet grow day-by-day, and the user has been increased, so its our duty to make internet accessible for everyone including the people who suffer from disability.

As we learn in earlier blog about ADA, WCAG 2.0 and understand the problem faced by people while using website.

Now, discuss about ARIA and how it’s helpful in HTML?

ARIA can help make website more accessible to people with disabilities such as hearing or visual impairment. ARIA roles, properties and method associated with Assistive Technology. Let’s check how web developers, can make their life easier.

Roles describe the structure of the Web page,  such as headings, regions, search areas and navigation areas and type of widget presented, such as menu, footer, HTML.


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