I am new in WordPress,  I saw after some days in google searching, my categories and archive pages also indexed and  showing.
Is this is good or bad from SEO view. and how can i stop/prevent  indexing my categories and archive pages.
Is any .htaccess option is available for this problem.

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By Default all of your Tag, Categories, Archives pages are indexed by search engines. Every Search engines has own algorithm for search indexing.

Googlebot index all of your tags and categories and in search result.  This will generate duplicate content or date from many links.

if categories and tags are indexed then as fast as quick remove all categories, tags links from search engine result. Because if labels, tags, author, archives and categories are shows in Google search engine result you may have to face google penalties.

Other problems – 

  • First your website SEO becomes poor.
  • Your website wouldn’t get good page rank.
  • Mainly you are in content duplicating issue because google consider all these types of pages as duplicate content.
  • Ultimately your website will be stuck by google panda or penguin.

You can remove indexed category, tags from Google search engine by this simple ways


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