How react DOM works?

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How react DOM works?

React DOM (Document Object Model) is a key part of how React manages and updates the user interface (UI) of a web application. It’s responsible for taking the virtual representation of the UI created by React and rendering it to the actual DOM in the browser.

Here’s how React DOM works:

Virtual DOM (VDOM): React DOM operates with the concept of a Virtual DOM. The Virtual DOM is a lightweight in-memory representation of the actual DOM in your web browser. It’s a tree-like structure that mirrors the structure of your UI components.

Component Rendering: In a React application, you create user interfaces by defining components. Each component is a JavaScript function or class that describes a part of your UI.

Here is how React DOM works:

  1. When a React component is rendered, it creates a virtual DOM node.
  2. React DOM compares the virtual DOM node to the real DOM node.
  3. If the virtual DOM node is different from the real DOM node, React DOM updates the real DOM node to match the virtual DOM node.

This process is called reconciliation. React DOM uses a variety of techniques to optimize reconciliation, including diffing and batching.

Diffing is a process of comparing two DOM trees to find the differences between them. React DOM uses a fast diff algorithm to find the differences between the virtual DOM tree and the real DOM tree.

Batching is a process of grouping DOM updates together and applying them all at once. React DOM batches DOM updates to improve performance.

React DOM is a powerful tool that can significantly improve the performance of React applications. By using the virtual DOM, React DOM can avoid updating the real DOM unnecessarily, which can lead to significant performance gains.


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