Chrome and Safari CSS Hacks

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Chrome and Safari CSS Hacks

Chrome and Safari Browser CSS Hacks

Here are the most common CSS hack for Chrome Browser and different versions.

You can also check hack for  Firefox and Internet Explore/Edge.


Supports In:  Chrome *
Supports In:  Chrome *, Safari *,  Opera ≥ 14, Android *
Supports In:   Chrome ≥ 28,  Safari ≥ 9,  Internet Explorer/Edge >= 12,  Opera ≥ 14
Supports In:    Chrome ≤ 28,   Safari ≤ 7,   Opera ≥ 14
Supports In:   Chrome 22-28,   Safari ≥ 7
Supports In:   Chrome ≥ 29,   Opera ≥ 16

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