Insert Google AdSense Ads within/inside Post Content in WordPress without plugin

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Insert Google AdSense Ads within your Post Content in WordPress without plugin

How to Insert Google AdSense Ads within or inside your Post Content in WordPress without plugin?

It’s a very common thinking to increasing google adsense revenue, for this you should place you google ads where it get more impression and more clicks. It’s my personal experience putting adsense in between post is very effective for getting more impression and click, because this is the area of your website where user stay most of the time.

When i start blogging i was wondered like other beginners, whether these sites insert google ads manually when they write the content, or if there is a special code or plugin for this?

To achieve this i have used many plugin, but believe me, finally at the last i do this by a small code snippets,
and recommended to you don’t need to install any heavy plugin for a small task, you can put your google adsense inside your post content with this magic code.

Here i have inserted google adsene after 4th paragraph(after closing of </p> tag). Normally a standard post can have 7-10 paragraph at least. You can change this number according to your blog or post content length.







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