NoIndex & Remove Categories and Tags from Search Index

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Remove Categories and Tags from Search Index

This is the common issue in WordPress sites, Google and other search engine may indexing of low quality pages in search results. This includes tags, categories, author & monthly archives.

Google considers these pages as duplicate as the same title & post excerpt is used across all those indexed pages. This may cause lower search ranking in index result. To resolve this issue you’ll need to no-index categories and tags on your WordPress blog.

How to Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags Pages?

There are some ways to noindex WordPress categories, tags and archive pages.

1. Robots.txt

You can disallow search engines to do not index WordPress categories and tags just by adding the following noindex tag to your Robots.txt file. This will tell Search Engines to do not index links with category and tag pagas.

2. With the help of SEO Pluging 

You can use some seo plugin to add no index on category and tag pages. Mosy common plugins are

  • Meta Robots
  • WP Faster Cache
  • Yoest SEO Plugin

They all have settings to noindex Author archives, Date-based archives, Category archives, Tag archives and so on. You can easily manage them.

Although you’ve de-indexed your categories and tags from search indexing, it will take some time for those pages to go off from the public view. However, you can manually remove these indexed category and tag pages using the Google webmaster tools.

3. Remove WordPress Category and Tag Archives via Webmaster Tools

To apply no index on Categories and Tag Archives  page follow  this steps.

  1. Login to your Google webmaster tools account.
  2. Select your WordPress blog from the list.
  3. Go to “Google Index” > Remove URLs
  4. Click on “Create a new removal request” button and enter the URL.
  5. Click “Continue” for each of the above two URL removal requests.
  6. On the next screen, click on the drop-down menu and choose the reason as “Remove Directory” and click “Submit”.


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