Installation – Using Vite

Using Vite

Vite is a build tool and development server for modern web development projects, particularly those based on JavaScript and TypeScript. It was created by Evan You, the same developer who created Vue.js, and it is designed to be fast and highly optimized for development workflows. Vite is often used for building web applications, including those built with frameworks like React, Vue, and Svelte, but it can also be used for plain JavaScript or TypeScript projects.

Here’s how you can create a new project using Vite:

Create a new Vite project:

Start the development server:

**Open your browser and access the development server at the provided URL (usually http://localhost:3000). You can start building and developing your project.

Vite’s speed and developer-friendly features have made it a popular choice in the JavaScript ecosystem, and it’s especially well-suited for building modern web applications with fast development iterations.